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Growing technological progress applied to the industry means that machines that do not require human intervention and softwares that are increasingly present in all work processes. Seaports are also associating with this development, especially the ones with containers. 

The logistics sector and the supply chain are not always oblivious to the reality of automation and how its intervention could be immensely benefitting.. In this sense, it is important to note developments in the management of large transport infrastructure towards the total or partial automation of their processes. In the port domain the greatest proponents of automation are port container terminals. 

For port operators, automation isn’t just about managing more cargo. Automated systems also allow seaports to boost the efficiency of one of their most limiting, finite resources: space. At Autobar, we provide technological tools to several sea ports to make them automatic or semi-automatic.  

Currently, we are located at three major cities of Pakistan and could easily be reached for supply chain and its management, automation and optimization purposes.

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