Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Solution

Autobar's Approach

One of the most important elements of any business is the ability to manage assets. Assets directly hit the balance sheet and thus the worth of an organization. Autobar’s Asset Management Solution can help to improve the efficiency and profitability of business in nearly every industry. Each organization establishes its own unique structure and configuration for physical assets. Assets can be centrally located or widely distributed. They can be fixed, movable or even mobile. They can be moved to new location, replaced, swapped and removed for repairs, depreciated, and scraped. Moreover, unwanted movement and theft is also a major issue in organizations. Therefore proper asset management is essential for all organizations – the bigger the organization, greater is the need.


  • Improved asset management & financial planning
  • improved inventory control
  • improved audit procedures & accurate audit trail
  • improved purchasing information
  • improved equipment planning & replacement management
  • improved maintenance & warranty information
  • reduced labour & administration costs
  • reduced insurance & disaster recovery costs
  • optimum asset utilisation
  • improved inventory control