Warehouse Automation in Pakistan

Warehouse Automation in Pakistan

There is a limit to the extent productivity in a manual handling environment can be increased, without jeopardizing safety, precision and quality levels. Warehouse automation in Pakistan is the next logical step to stay ahead of your competition and reduce your costs. Warehouse automation became widely recognized over the last few years. And while some think of automation as of applying autonomous vehicles and robots, others choose to start with software. As always, the truth is somewhere in between. Full warehouse automation covers many aspects and operations, from automatic data entry to goods storage and delivery. In this guide, we’re explaining its main layers – automation basics, hardware and software solutions, their advantages, and featuring some real-life cases to check.

Fundamentals of Warehouse Automation In Pakistan

Warehouse automation is all about uncovering repetitive tasks and finding ways to automate them. Modern warehouses are full of cases – from manual data entry to picking, storing and shipping of goods done by hand. Manual operations go hand in hand with human errors resulting in delays, improper time and resource management, low productivity and margin. All this ultimately leads to unsatisfied business partners and customers.

Autobar's Approach

Having a real-time overview of warehouse operations has major benefits. It allows you to keep track of the quality of your deliveries, meet the commitments you have made to your customers and to quickly detect system bottlenecks, in case it goes wrong. 


  • Productivity gains and reduction of operational costs:

You need less manpower and can reduce the number of shifts in your operations.

  • Accurate forecasting

Automation increases the predictability of your internal logistics. You need less time for your work staff planning, deliveries are handled with greater efficiency and you know what stock you have available at any given moment.

  • Tracking & tracing of goods 

Warehouse automation in Pakistan will allows you to track and trace the current location and status of your goods in the supply chain. This leads to fewer added costs from returns and more accurate order picking and deliveries to customers.