Field Force Automation System

Field Force Automation System

Field force automation system offers companies a consistent platform across almost all kinds of handheld devices including Smartphone, tablets and PDAs by removing the hassle of manual paperwork and data entry. Effectively aiding companies in distributing their teams strategically across a territory, field automation software integration ensures the removal of delays, helping businesses improve their leads margin

Autobar's Approach

Our field force automation process empowers field workers to have direct access to order information and work data from a handheld device which helps improve productivity and work efficiency. Networked organizations use a centralized server through which the admin assigns appointments or work orders to registered company field workers. Field workers are able to receive their daily appointments and tasks on their Smartphones or other devices through mobile based applications. Using internet, GPS services are used to determine the proximity of the field worker’s location which facilitates in accurately delivering or reassigning of tasks.


  • Field reps can access vital information in real time

It allows field reps to run credit checks and tap into customer order histories while they’re still out there with the customer, making sure payments have gone through and SMS or email confirmations have been received.

  • Makes the data entered precise and accurate

It helps to eliminate the omissions, inaccuracies and losses that so often crop up when data is manually re-entered at several points along the chain, or copied from paperwork at a later date when it’s no longer fresh in the mind.

  • Efficient management of field reps

Field force automation helps companies to efficiently manage time, create effective employee coordination and develop interactive scheduling through a centralized network with an extended mobile based applications.