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Automatic Data Analytics refers to automatic decision making based on data—and not just any data: big data. Big Data refers to data that comes from multiple sources, exists in many forms and requires different types of analysis to gain insights from.

Analysis of Big Data presents revenue-raising opportunities for companies that can harness it to understand the status of their organization in real-time, from monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to forecasting areas of growth.



Autobar's Approach

At autobar, we make sure that with so much data to sort through we are using it in the correct manner. Using data analytics, autobar ensures: 

  • that the data being used is the right data for answering our questions;
  • that we draw accurate conclusions from that data; and
  • the acquired data analysis informs our decision making process 


  • Proactivity and anticipating needsBy understanding customers’ needs, organisations will be able to optimise the customer experience and develop longstanding relationships.


  • Mitigating risk and fraud: Efficient data and analytics capabilities deliver optimum levels of fraud prevention and overall organisational security.


  • Fast and efficient: When dealing with this much data spread across an organization, manual analysis is slow and prone to errors. Using  automated systems, you can get straight to the data to reveal usable insights. 

Case Studies

Automated Manufacturing
Warehouse automation: