Smart Factory Automation

Solutions minimalizing manual work

The term Smart Factory describes an environment where machinery and equipment are able to improve processes through automation. The benefits also extend beyond just the physical production of goods and into functions like planning, supply chain logistics, and even product development.

Autobar's approach

Central to the smart factory is the technology that makes data collection possible. These include the intelligent sensors, motors, and robotics present on production and assembly lines that the smart factory puts to use. Autobar’s area of focus in the Smart Factory concept is the use of sensors.  

Sensors make it possible to monitor specific processes throughout the factory which increases awareness about what’s happening on multiple levels. For example, vibration sensing can provide a warning when motors, bearings, or other equipment need to be maintained. These types of subtle warnings become alerts for preventative maintenance or other actions that head off larger production problems if left unattended.


  • Cost reduction potential

You need less manpower and can reduce the number of shifts in your operations.

  • Productivity improvements

It provides continuous real-time information and visibility. It further enhances the adaptability to suit fluctuation in production levels and alert in case of malfunctions. 

  • Quality Control

Complete automation of production, checking, testing and adjustment processes

Case Studies

Automated Manufacturing
Warehouse automation: